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“Craft Your Own Old Fashioned” Night

New Liberty Distilling
Oct 31 2016
Percy Street Barbecue • 900 South St. Philadelphia PA 19147

“Craft Your Own Old Fashioned” Night

Bella Vista’s Percy Street Barbecue will be hosting a special “Craft Your Own Old Fashioned” night featuring New Liberty Distilling’s Kinsey Whiskeys

Guests will be able to customize every component of the classic cocktail and can be as adventurous or as conservative as they like with their own recipes. Starting with a choice of Kinsey Bourbon, Kinsey 7 Year Whiskey, or Kinsey Rye as the base of the cocktail, guests will go on to decide what kind of bitters, sweeteners, and even ice and garnish they’d like in their drink.

For those who need a little guidance with their craft spirits, two unique Percy Street/Kinsey signature Old Fashioneds will be offered from the bar.

Details on Percy Street Barbecue:
Straightforward Texas-style joint serves contemporary barbecue & a diverse beer list in a stylish, rustic setting.